Welcome to the LEGO: The Ultimate Adventure Ideas wiki

LEGO: The Ultimate Adventure (LUA) is a brand new fan-made MMOG that is currently in the works. At this wiki, you can post your texture, concept art, and LDD model submissions, which will, if accepted, be used in the game!

Note: LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

Current Work

To see what work you can assist with, check the following pages:


Please use the boxes below to create the pages with which you will submit your work. Name the pages "NameOfCreationHere - YourUsernameHere".

Any work submitted will still belong to the creator, even if it is accepted for use in the game. This means that the creator can still use their creations in any way they please. However, if they incorporate any other team member's concepts into their work, they are expected to credit that team member where applicable.

LDD Model Submissions
To submit an LDD model to the team for reviewing, upload a screenshot of the model and create a page displaying and describing the model with the button below. Please note that LDD creations consisting solely of minifigures will not be accepted.

Texture Submissions
To submit a texture to the team for reviewing, upload the texture and create a page displaying it with the button below.

Concept Art Submissions
To submit concept art to the team for reviewing, upload it and create a page displaying it with the button below. Feel free to also include a description of the concept art or the concept it portrays.

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