Concept Art is a way for LDD designers, modelers, and texturers to get good ideas of what they need to create. While concept art can be artistic in nature, it should primarily be a way for team members to get the best understanding of what they will be creating; in that sense, all concept art should have a "technical" aspect to it. See the gallery below for examples.

The following is a list of concepts that still require concept art. When drawing concept art, please also be sure to use pencil or pen primarily. If you need to add colour, pencil crayon would be the optional material to use.

  • The Training Academy -- Currently being worked on by Jeyo
    • The Training Academy is a small black and red, futuristic building where a sole NPC trains the player. It is the first world. The Training Academy lies on a grassy landscape, though is largely hidden by some geographical/technological feature, to be decided by the concept artist.
  • Getta Oudhere -- Currently being worked on by Vet
    • Getta Oudhere is the first NPC the player encounters, and trains the player in the first world, the Training Academy. He looks roughly like this, though custom printing should be designed by the concept artist.
  • A Castle for the Castle World
  • Some Generic Sci-Fi Vehicles.
  • The Cyborgs and Goblins, as well as Ice World enemies and structures.
  • The mechs, buildings, and boss battle of Buildmore City, that latter of which should parody King Kong. See the comments section of Buildmore City's page if you're confused. :-P Concept art for the mad scientists and other aspects of the world should probably wait until BlueJay releases more details, but there is a chance that your concept art could still influence him.

Concept Art Examples